Wedding Photography

Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography couple exchanging rings
Your day is important.  Important to you, your family and your friends.  That makes it important to us too.

Starting as early as 7.00am, we will capture as much, or as little, of your day as you wish.

Our usual method of working will see us blending into the background, capturing the natural moments and emotions that the day will bring.  This allows your day to flow naturally, resulting in images that depict your day as it really was, not as a photographer wanted it to happen.

Whether you have any posed images is entirely up to you, but if you would like some 'classic wedding' type images, we will keep these to a minimum so that guests do not get bored and can spend their time with you, not waiting around for us.  Generally any posed images of guests will be done at the start of the reception, as once guests have eaten it is often harder to get them all together.  Posed images of just the couple, will be done after the wedding breakfast, giving them time away from guests and a chance to just relax and breathe.  Something many couples don't get a chance to do.
As part of our service, we can create images of:
  • bride/groom getting ready
  • bride/groom leaving home
  • guests arriving for ceremony
  • bride/groom arriving for ceremony
  • the ceremony itself
  • posed images of the couple together
  • posed images of the couple with family and friends
  • relaxed, natural images of the reception
  • couples first dance
  • any special aspect, such as fireworks
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography gay couple with friends
Once we have finished, your images will be backed up so that we have a secure copy to work on.  This copy is made the same day.  We will then perform some standard editing on all your images before creating a secure online gallery, where you can view them.  It is your choice who you allow to access your gallery.  From the gallery, you can select your favourites if you are having an album and you and your guests can order additional products should you wish
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography couple on beach
Bridal Preparations
We are happy to arrive as early as 7am and will work with the stylist to ensure we capture the best images we can, without getting in their, or your, way.

Working with your stylist, hairdresser, and you, we will create images of your transformation without getting in the way.  We will also capture images of other things happening around you, whether it be the flowers arriving, family members coming to wish you well, or you taking a moment to relax.

Other important elements such as the dress, tiara, and cards are all captured, along with any special items of clothing there may be.  Perhaps the father of the bride has special socks, or the bridesmaids all have named dressing gowns.  All of these are important and we are there to capture the little details, as well as the overall moments that happen.

Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography bride having makeup
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography flowers and shoes
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography bride having makeup
Engagement Sessions
These sessions are held at a location of the clients choosing and gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little better and for our clients to experience how we work before their big day.

Often these sessions help to ensure that clients become at ease with us, making for better photographs on their wedding day.  Lasting around an hour, we spend the time talking, having fun and capturing informal images as we go.  If you would prefer to spend some of the time having posed images created, that's absolutely fine.  As with all our sessions, it is up to you how we spend the time.  

What is important is that we get to know each other a little better and that you become relaxed in our presence.  The more relaxed you are around us on the day, the more natural the images will appear.

Whilst we allow the couple to choose the location, it may not always be possible to accommodate their wishes.  For instance some organisations do not allow professional photography without the payment of a fee.

We will however accommodate their choice whenever possible.  The reason we allow the couple to choose the location is two-fold.  Firstly it allows them to choose somewhere that is special to them; maybe where they met, or where the proposal took place.  Secondly, because the couple have chosen the location, they can view the images knowing that we haven't picked somewhere that we know well and have photographed hundreds of times.

  As with the wedding day, after the session we will pick the best images and digitally enhance them.  The images will then be available to download from a secure gallery on our website, as well as being presented on the USB with the images from the wedding.

There is also an option to purchase a signing frame which will utilise the couple's favourite image from the session.  The signing frame is displayed at the wedding reception for guests to add messages to, making a lovely momento of the day that can be displayed at the couple's home, providing a constant reminder of that special time in their lives.
Bridal Party Session
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography bride and bridesmaids
Why not treat your bridal party to a photographic session to start your wedding experience.  Spending an hour at a location of your choice, just having fun and relaxing, whilst capturing images of the natural interaction and enjoyment of just being together. 

​Provided as digital images, you could always use one or more of these images to form the basis of a personal gift to those involved.
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography bridal party
Post-Wedding Session
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography bride on brightstone downs
An ideal opportunity to capture those special posed images that would take too long to create on the wedding day itself.

Perhaps you would like images captured somewhere special, such as where the proposal happened, or where you met; the choice is yours.

Spending an hour or so, we will create stylish images of you, both individually and together, enhancing the images of your wedding, the dress and the emotions you feel for each other.
Wight Bride Isle of Wight Wedding Photography couple on brighstone downs