Bespoke Costs


I have a simple approach to bespoke wedding photography pricing, with a build-it-yourself package approach, where all items are individually priced and you get to choose which you would like.  This works better than a standard package approach, when you do not want certain items contained within the packages provided.  This also provides you with an opportunity to swap items around to suit your budget and get the best value for you.  I also have a single full day package available, which provides both digital and printed media and represents great value for money.

Below is a list of all my prices.  Simply decide which items you would like and add the relevant costs together to get your package price.

If you choose at least one item from each section, you will be entitled to a 10% discount on the total cost listed.





Time in Attendance
My pricing for attending your wedding is very simple, with an hourly rate based on the length of time you would like me to be with you.
  The rate includes for my attendance at your wedding, enhancing the images afterwards and creating your online gallery.
All digital images provided are high resolution and are provided with a license to use the images as you see fit, including sharing them with friends and family.
 All prices quoted are per hour.

UP TO 2 HRS : £80

3-6 HRS : £70

OVER 6 HRS : £65

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Package Additions

In addition to capturing your wedding, I also offer the following additional sessions to provide a complete wedding photography service.

An engagement/pre-wedding session.  Undertaken at a location of your choice and lasting an hour, this session will help us to get to know each other and for you to become comfortable with me taken photos of you.  This will help you be more relaxed with me on your wedding day.

A bridal session.  Ideally undertaken at your home, or that of a family member, I will create some stunning images of you in your wedding dress.  Often it can be difficult to spend time creating those special images on the day itself, so this session provides the ability to capture these in a more relaxed environment.  I will bring several backgrounds with me to ensure we can create a range of images that you will love,

Post-wedding session.  Perhaps you have a special location that you would like to capture with you in your wedding attire, which is not practical to travel to on your wedding day itself.  We can meet at the location and capture some stunning images without the time pressures that may exist on your special day.



BRIDAL   £49


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Wedding Albums

All albums are supplied with 20 pages as standard.  Additional pages, up to 100 pages, can be added as per the separate costs detailed below.

Measurements may vary by 1" in either aspect depending on the style chosen.


Main 16"x12" 359 19
Main 14"x11" 275 14
Main 12"x10" 200 10
Parents 8"x6" 149 9




Digital & Print

All digital images are provided as high resolution files and with permission to be used by you as you see fit.  I do not supply low resolution images or charge extra if you wish to print them or share them with friends and family. 


Digital images on USB

  • over 8 hours in attendance       £199
  • 4-8 hours in attendance             £149
  • under 4 hours in attendance    £100


Print boxes

Supplied with five prints, either matted or foam backed, depending on your preference.  Boxes hold a maximum of 20 prints and additional prints can be ordered in multiples of five.


  • 16" x 12"     £150
  • 10" x 8"       £99
  • 7" x 5"         £75

Additional prints (per 5):

  • 16" x 12"      £50
  • 10" x 8"        £25
  • 7" x 5"          £15


Combined print & USB box

A soft faux leather covered box, available in a choice of colours and supplied with a matching USB which fits neatly inside the lid.  6"x4" box comes with 50 standard prints, the two larger boxes are provided with 20 matted prints.

  • 14" x 11"       £400
  • 10" x 8"         £329
  • 6" x 4"           £275



Signing frame

Provided in a choice of frame colours and cost includes a 30 minute pre-wedding session to capture the image for the center of the frame.

  • 24" x 20"      £179
  • 20" x 20"      £160
  • 20" x 16"      £140
  • 16" x 16"      £120


Triple Folio

Three images provided on a self-standing  fold-out folio.  Choice of cover colours available.

  • 12" x 8"     £90
  • 10" x 7"     £79
  • 9" x 6"       £60