Wedding Day Elements

Bridal preparations

Working with your stylist, hairdresser, and you, I will create images of your transformation without getting in the way.  I will also capture images of other things happening around you, whether it be the flowers arriving, family members coming to wish you well, or the bridal party taking a moment to relax.

Other important elements such as the dress, tiara, and cards are all captured, along with any special items of clothing there may be.  Perhaps the father of the bride has special socks, or the bridesmaids all have named dressing gowns.  All of these things are important elements of the day and I am there to capture the little details, as well as the overall moments that happen.

The Ceremony

If you are having a church wedding, you will need to check with the officiator whether or not they will allow photographs to be taken during the ceremony, as not all will.  If they do allow photographs to be taken, I will liaise with the officiator to find out where they would like me to be positioned, as it is their choice as where I can stand/sit, although I will always try to negotiate a better position if I feel the one they request is not suitable.

If you are having a civil ceremony, I will normally be positioned at the front and to the side of the registrar.  This gives me a great close-up view of the proceedings, allowing me to capture the entire ceremony including close-up work of hands when exchanging rings.

The Reception

Whether you are having an afternoon wedding breakfast, an evening reception, or both,  I can capture the important memories of this relaxed and informal part of your day.

The reception is usually the informal part of the day and makes for great photographs.  Everybody enjoying themselves in a party atmosphere, dancing and laughing.  I can capture all of this, along with the speeches, cutting the cake and first dance, all of which are important elements of the reception.  I also capture the smaller details, such as table decorations, room layout, seating plans, food and flowers; in fact anything that will help you to remember your day exactly as it was.

Usually working until just after the first dance, I am happy to stay later should you have a special event happening, such as fireworks or special entertainment.