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People often comment on how surprised they are by the way I blend in, acting more like a guest than the official photographer.  Sometimes guests don’t even realise that I am the official photographer.

My aim is to create a photographic record of your wedding as it happens, in a documentary story-telling manner, which allows you to relive the day as it really was.  What you won't find is me ordering you around, taking lots of time to pose you and your guests, or dictating when group photos will be taken.

It is your day and I am there to help make the day run as smoothly as possible, not get in the way or take over.  In fact, you will find me helping in any way I can, even if that means making drinks, delivering buttonholes or giving guests a lift.

I don’t like to dictate the time I will be with you, as every bride will have a different idea of what they would like captured, so I will start and finish at the time you want.  I have been known to arrive at 6.30am and leave after 10 pm, so how long I attend really is up to you.

For more details of how I capture the different elements of the wedding day click here

Every photographer you speak to will have a different approach to how they photograph your day. 
The following defines my simple and straightforward approach:

  • I allow your day to flow naturally, which means I won’t direct you, or any of your guests, or ask you to do anything again.
  • You will find me constantly moving around, keeping my eyes and ears open to what is happening around me, ready to capture those special moments.
  • There is no such thing as perfection. You can’t control everything, but that doesn’t have to mean that the day has to be affected.  It’s the little moments that will become your memories of the day, and the things you will laugh about in years to come. It’s these moments that I like to capture, the moments that tell the real story of your day.
  • I won’t take you away from your guests for photographs in a hundred different locations: I will be there to photograph you enjoying the party with the people that mean the most to you. I believe that your memories of your day should be made with your family and friends, not with me.
  • If you want any particular photos, that’s absolutely fine….just let me know.  Otherwise, I will capture the atmosphere of the day and the little stories that make your wedding uniquely yours.  What I don’t do is work to a pre-defined list of posed images.

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