1.  Are you insured?

This is probably one of the most important questions you can ask. 

You need to be sure that you have a way of financial recourse should anything major happen.  It is rare that anything will happen, but what if all your images turn out blurred, or their memory card fails and all your images are lost before you get them? 

You need to ensure that your preferred photographer has adequate professional indemnity insurance to cover any eventuality.

In my case, I carry enough insurance to cover the cost of having your entire day again, if you wanted, so that those images could be recreated.  I know it's not the same, so a financial settlement could always be offered instead.


2. What happens if you fall ill or cannot attend our wedding for another reason?

I often get phone calls asking if I am available at short notice, as the photographer has let them down.  This should never happen with a contracted photographer.  Once contracted to undertake your wedding, that is what they should provide, whether they do it themselves or ask another photographer to cover it for them.  Unfortunately many wedding photographers will simply let the couple down, leaving them the stress of finding another photographer at short notice.  If this happened to you, how much stress would that put you under and would you have the money to be able to pay another photographer upfront?

If I cannot make your wedding, the first thing I will do is arrange a comparable photographer to take my place.  This will be the best photographer available and any additional costs will be covered by my insurance.  Once I have arranged a replacement, I will then phone you to let you know, eliminating the stress that would be caused by phoning you first.




3. Do you carry spare equipment?

This may not be something you have considered, but what if your preferred photographer only has one camera and it  fails part way through your ceremony.  What happens about capturing the rest of your day?

To every wedding I take 4 cameras, 3 flash guns, multiple memory cards and lots of batteries.  Therefore it is extremely unlikely that I would not be able to complete your wedding due to equipment failure.